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    iPhoto Sorting
    So I finally went with a Mac. I am still getting used to this computer compared to my Windows box. Holy crap. I have imported my pictures from my old HDD to the laptop with no problems. My father gave me a HDD to use as my Time Machine backup and it had his photos on it. I decided to import his photos and there is my issue. I don't know if his camera had the date messed up once in awhile or what. When I browsing through my photos (in the actual "photos" tab on the left) his pictures aren't in the right order. Its like iPhoto has kept his photos in the folders he created without automatically breaking the pictures into different dates. I want everything routed into the right date.

    When I look at the meta-data of each photo there are some discrepancies, but not a lot. My real question is this, if I were to change the meta-data dates of these particular photos would they then be sorted properly? I don't like having my photos all jumbled.

    When I was using a PC I manually imported my photos into a specific month. I really liked having my photos sorted by month and year. I would like to view my photos in that same way through iPhoto.

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    You can tell iPhoto to automatically separate those photos into "events" by date. Then you would have one event for each date. Or are you saying the dates on the photos are incorrect? If so, you can select the photo, then click on "Photo" in the menubar, and then "adjust date and time". Be sure to check the box that asks about modifying the original photo.

    Does that help with what you want? If not, let us know and we'll try again!

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