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    Angry file vault problems
    hi all,
    the other day i was backing up using time machine as usual when i was met with a message saying, time machine requires a drive with atleast 640gb to complete back up.i have a 250gb hd fitted on my mbp and have only used 145gb and the only changes time machine will see different are a couple of word files no more than 1gb a was then i noticed my file vault saying there was only 50gb left useable on my drive but when you click on disk image it says 105gb available and strangely enough filevault says that it needs an extra 28gb to turn off so thats stuck aswell.
    I decided to fit a 640gb wd scorpio blue hd (as i will be expanding my movie collection )and connected via an external enclose and used carbon copy probs or so i thought.cloned the disc ok but have noticed if i click get info on filevault on 250gb drive it now reads the info from the new drive says it over 500gb in size and only 105gb left.which means if i copy to my new disc it says its used over 250gb when indeed the whole disc has only used 145gb.
    everything was fine until last week and i haven't loaded any new software or hardware.any thoughts as i don't want to have to do a fresh instal yet again. thanks

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    Mate i had this exact problem. Have a look at this thread for some info .......File Vault Problems

    What i ended up doing was to do a complete fresh install.
    1st i made a complete back up using Super Duper, then proceeded with the fresh instal ... Yuck i was dreading it. I then using migrating assistant migrated everything thing over from the backup EXCEPT the settings.
    I did this BC if i bought the settings over it would have been File Vault still turned on.
    So yea in a nut shell it fixed my problem as i couldnt turn FV off either.
    You will just have to re do all your settings once everything is transferred over ...

    No IMO stay away from FV unless you got some secret squirrel stuff going on in your life. Its more pain than it is worth ...

    Hope it helps you in some way ...

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    Sep 19, 2009
    mbp 2.53 core duo 4gb ram mid 2009
    thanks for help mate much appreciated.
    i think a warning should flag up on file vault saying once you have used more than 45% of hd your stuffed.

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