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    Remote Connection Question
    Does a remote connection between my Mac and Home PC allow me to use the internet I have at home instead of the internet provided by my college? It is really really slow and is a pain to do almost anything on. Specifically if i am using the program TeamViewer.

    If not, what would it take to use the home internet on my Mac when I'm at college instead of the college's internet?

    Thanks guys.

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    But you will still have to use the College LAN to get out to your home computer so cannot see any gain. Unless your home is less than 150 ft away then u could use an Airport Extreme on the set up at home.

    Have a look here and set up a Location for Home and for College and read this about DNS numbers for the ISP at each of those places and make sure they are showing up in Sys Prefs/Network/Airport/Advanced/DNS

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