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Thread: word 2008 reporting error upon close

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    word 2008 reporting error upon close
    It happens pretty frequently recently. When I "command+Q" to shut off my word 2008 after saving all the changes, the program always reports an "unexpected error" and then restart with a new blank file. Although it doesn't affect my existing files (as I always save the changes on a regular base), it really annoys a lot! Anyone has the same issue? Is it because I am missing any office updates?

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    I have the same issue with Excel (Office 2007) on my Win XP machine. It's a pitr. There is a box there when the error message opens up in mine, make sure to uncheck it... at least then it doesn't restart.

    Haven't had the time to research that small an issue at work. Especially since I only close Excel once a week - on Friday afternoon.
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