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    Iworks 08 - Template
    I have Iworks 08 and when I am trying to type black comes out white and the other colors work except black. I have noticed this on my mac book pro but not my macbook, it does the loading template for the macbook and not the pro. I believe this is the problem, hopefully someone with a more in depth knowledge of iworks can help me.

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    What app are you talking about?

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    Is it only this document, and it does the same if you copy and paste, but if you open a new document and type something else black font works fine?

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    Nov 11, 2007
    It doesn't work for any documents, I tried to copy and past, open old documents or just type. I tried this with Keynotes, Numbers and Pages and the black appears as white from what I can tell and the templates do not load.

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