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Thread: Cross platform (mobile) email client

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    Cross platform (mobile) email client

    I may be wishfully dreaming here but is there such a thing as a cross platform, mobile email client?

    I would like to be able to have my email set up on a usb memory stick so that I can carry it around, plug it in to a mac and there's my email or plug it in to a pc and hey presto theres my email again.

    If that's not enough then I would like to be able to have multiple email accounts on the dreamworld email client.

    Anyone got any ideas? I have tried a version of thunderbird that was sort of cross platform and mobile but it didn't work too well and writing a letter and posting it may well have been quicker at times.

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    It's not a client solution but why not use something like gmail (googlemail) where you have huge amounts of storage for your email and you can get at it using any internet connected platform?

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I need to set up twelve email accounts and unfortunately gmail only allows for five. Also I would like to be able to view and compose messages offline.
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    Doesn't matter if you use Gmail or another service; the point is that you should be storing your mail on the server(s), not carrying it around with you and loading it onto every computer you come across.

    Use IMAP accounts, and you can use whatever client(s) you like on whatever platform(s) you like, and compose offline when necessary.

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