i have a strange problem using ical invites. all invites sent to outlook 2007 client are 1 hour behind. So if i send an invite for 10 am all outlook users receive it for 9 am instead of 10.

I am in IST timezone (India) and all other outlook machines are also in IST.

earlier we were on pop3 e-mail client and but had plans to move to zimbra. we have done that and now i use CalDAV. Still the problem persists.

the problem is definitely with outlook 2007 integration only as with other clients (thunderbird etc.) i see no issues. even with outlook 2003 things work fine.

An interesting observation to share - if the outlooks 2007 user accepts the invite on zimbra web access, then the invite is later synched with outlook 2007 client with the correct time!

there were some threads on some patches to be applied for office 2007; but that did not help.

this makes it impossible for me to use my mac for mail/ical (. till now i have been using entourage but was motivated to start using mac apps after snow leopard as they claim better integration.

Since there are so many people with outlook 2007 i can expect people to change their configs and find a solution on my mac itself!!

An associated problem is that calDAV is not showing/allowing attachments. perhaps this is a zimbra issue/configuration so checking with them.

Pls help!