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    Convert .NCO backup files
    I just purchased a 13" MBP. I have finally thrown my old PC HDDs into an external enclosure. Let the backing up begin. I thought I lost all of my music because my main drive decided to fail, alas I did have a brain because I found a backup file of music in a different drive. Unfortunately the backup files are done with Nero software. Nero is not available on a Mac. I can change the files if I rename the .nco to .zip. This would take me like 2 weeks to change each MP3.NCO to a .zip...

    Is there some kind of program (preferably freeware/opensource) that could convert a large amount of files at once? I did purchase Parallels with my computer. I have not installed it yet, almost thought I wouldn't need it. The idea of wasting space on this comp for windows doesn't sound too exciting. I guess I could load up Parallels, install XP, put on Nero, restore that backup, and finally copy the restored file from XP to SL. Ugh. My life would be a bit easier if there was a program that could do most of this for me through SL. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Automator can do that for you. For example, check out Renaming Files and Folders the Automator Way - AppleMatters

    There are probably existing Automator workflows available for downloading that will do what you need. But it's so simple that you might as well build the workflow yourself.

    Automator is already on your Mac. Comes with!

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