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    find command in terminal -- listing files twice
    I noticed the other day that after i used the find command to search for some files, the computer listed them twice -- first with just the names of the files (meaning ./(then the individual file names), then with the directory name, followed by the file names (directory name/file name). I was already in the desired directory, and I don't think this has ever happened before. Can someone tell me why it does this and how to fix it? Is there something wrong?

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    What does your find command look like?
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    Sorry -- here it is :

    find . -iname "*(text to search for)*" -type f

    then, as I said, it gives ./(Filenames) then ./(directory name)/(filenames)

    and, just now, if I do it from my home directory, I get ./directory name./ file names, then ./directory name/directory name/filenames

    Just the other day as well I reinstalled Snow Leopard after I thought I had possibly deleted some necessary files, if that helps.

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    Never mind -- I am such an idiot -- I didn't notice that I had place a copy of the subdirectory from my flash drive inside the subdirectory

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