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    iChat 3.0 Audio Conferencing
    My friends and I all have iBook G4 800mhz 12"s with Tiger. This just meets the minimum requirements for 4 person audio chat. We all have highspeed, however when anyone tries to initiate an audio chat between two other people, iChat complains about not meeting minimum requirements. Is there a possible fix for this?

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    I thought the limit for audio was 10 persons. Also one person would initiate (start) the chat and the others would join in. I don't have tiger and iChat 3. So I can not say what or what not to do.

    So i am wondering doesn't one person starts the meeting by inviting the other parties to join.
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    The deal is you need a G5 somewhere and loads of bandwidth to have a 10 people conversation but only an 800mhz G4 to have 4 person conversation. I'm just at the baseline, but the problem is that it thinks I'm below it. Maybe there's a way to overclock my iBook just a liiiitle bit?

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    Over clocking macs is hard.... and wouldnt bother because your iBook might get too hot, and it voids warranty i think

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    I looked into it, and overclocking is a bad idea. Is there anyway to just make my iBook think it's running at 801mhz?

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