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    Download Management Software
    Hi All,

    Newbie Mac user here, just transitioned over from PC and have spent the last day since setting up my new iMac why I ever bothered with a PC. So clunky and so yesterday, which I'm sure you'll agree.

    Anyway, one good thing about a PC was the availability of a free download manager called Star Downloader (Star Downloader - Accelerate, Resume, Schedule and Organize Downloads). Can't seem to find the same piece of software for a Mac. Recommendations appreciated, and willing to spend a few quid to get a decent one.



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    Don't use download accelerators. They cause problems for both the end-user and the servers you download from. A quick search of the forums will highlight many of the problems users have with them (especially with uninstalling them) and they are unfair to the servers as they have to open multiple connections.
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