I am trying out MobileMe with the free trial offer.

I have setup iCal and Contacts to sync, with a manual sync as things don't change that much. This is then synced with my iPhone.

Also, since I originally set this up, I have reinstalled my iMac with Snow Leopard. I then set iCal and Contacts to sync again.

Two small problems:

1. When I add an appointment in iCal and then sync, it gets added to my iPhone. However, those added on the iPhone do not appear in iCal.

2. My Contacts now appear on the iPhone in duplicate.

The odd thing is, as the iMac was wiped and reinstalled, all of the appointments and contacts were copied back from MobileMe to the iMac after that, so why did the contacts duplicate and why are the appointments not coming back from the iPhone? Have I set things to sync one-way only somehow? I have looked on MobileMe but I can't find any settings there which might cause this.

One other question - I have subscribed to a public calendar in iCal. Why does this not show up in MobileMe or on the iPhone? Can it be made to do so?

Edit - The contacts are not duplicated in MobileMe and the appointments from the iPhone are not appearing in MobileMe. Not sure if that helps.