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    Question New White Macbook Unibody....?? Can it run L4D(1) WELL ??
    Got a great deal on the new unibody white macbook over the holidays.....standard with 2gb ram, but i'll upgrade to 4gb if i keep it... question is.... i am a fan of the first Left 4 Dead..... can my white unibody macbook handle it running boot camp or parallels?

    If well?

    Recommendations for which to use...boot camp or parallels?

    Any experiences with L4D on this new macbook?

    thanks in advance for your answers....trying to figure this out before opening the package so i can decide to keep or resell (by the way...not looking for heavy gaming....JUST left 4 dead very smoothly)

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    Can you upgrade the memory on that model? I was looking at it in the Apple store, noticed it came with 2GB, and the specs listing didn't mention a max memory, whereas the other MacBooks did. I played around with it for awhile and it "felt" kind of sluggish. One thing to remember if you're going to run games on it is that the video has only 256 MB, is not upgradeable, and so, as I was told, you're likely to be using main memory for video display. It was suggested to me to get a Mac with 4GB of main memory if I was going to run Parallels or Fusion, though I can't answer from actually having run those games on the vmware, just passing along what I was told.
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    yes you can....up to 4gb....

    anybody want to be a savior and tell me they've actually attempted to run L4D on this machine???

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    Never played it here but if you do, you will have to do it through Bootcamp. You won't be able to play 3D games with any moderate success through virtualization. As for the game itself, have you compared the system requirements with the specs of your MB?
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    yes and all is well on that front...however... I would like to know if it will work with a the macbook specs running L4D on close to MAX performance..... only way i know how to find that tidbit of info out is through first-hand account....(or hearing from someone that has)

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