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    Modern Warfare 2 on mac?
    Hey everyone...
    so heres the story. I got MW2 for christmas along with Parallels Desktops 5.. i installed the game fine on Parallels with windows xp but when i try to boot the game it says that i am out of video memory but i have 256mb of video memory on my computer which is the minimum requirment for the game... please help!

    P.S. has anyone els gotten the game to work on mac in a legal way and ligitimently?

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    try bootcamp soo all your video memory will work
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    ok... how much does boot camp cost?

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    Boot camp is free, it's part of OS X.

    To set it up, go to Applications>Utilities>Boot Camp Assistant and run through the wizard.

    Oh and please make sure you print the instructions of as they can be invaluable the first time you do it!

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    ok thanks but one problem.... when i first got my computer a few years ago it came up with boot camp and wanted to know if i wanted to use it but my mom just said "Oh you dont need that and she had me delete it... is there anyway i can get it back without reinstalling os?

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    i didn't know it was possible to delete system apps without having to go through a few hoops on the way there, you shouldn't take computer advice from your mom anymore lol. it shouldn't have deleted and i cant think of a way to delete it. try the apple site on the download section, it might be there. good luck, i thought mw2 was a mac game too. i guess not
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    Boot Camp is not a program that runs Windows. It's a set of utilities to facilitate the installation of Windows. Check your Utilities folder in Applications => Utilities. There should be a program there called "Boot Camp Assistant". Be sure to read the directions that you'll be prompted to review.

    If it's missing, you can recover it using your System Discs and a program called Pacifist.
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