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    Question World of Warcraft
    I play a lot. My husband and I recently switched guilds and the new guild's Ventrilo does not support Mac users. They refuse to enable a Mac codec and just tell me to get a better computer. I am a raider and I can not afford to just buy a PC right now so I had no choice but to install Windows with boot camp.

    Everything was perfect but I recently decided to stop raiding so I can enjoy the game casually so I no longer need to boot into Windows to play. It was my first time in months loading WoW on OSX and it runs absolutely terrible. I definitely do not remember it running so bad. The video was so terrible I moved my character a few steps and my screen was in slow motion. I couldn't do anything at all. I turned all the graphics down and it still does this! I booted back into Windows and it runs fine! I don't understand if it runs fine on the Windows partition why not OSX? and I pretty much have all the video settings maxed out on Windows too.

    I'm sure there's someone here that also plays. Would anyone be able to tell me what exactly I need to have my video settings on? or why it's running in slow motion. I have a 24" iMac (2009 model, I think?).

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    1) Close the WoW application
    2) Navigate to your main World of Warcraft folder
    3) Open the file in your WTF folder using TextEdit
    4) Add the following line to the bottom of the file: SET gxapi "OpenGL"
    5) Save and Close
    6) Restart WoW
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    Thank you so much! It runs perfectly even with all the settings on max! <3

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