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    Gmail account freezing
    I have been trying to access my gmail account for hours now and I cannot seem to solve this problem.

    The "problem" is, in standard view Gmail freezes and takes about 30 seconds to load each click or each scroll. In order for me to go to a different website, or even tab back and forth its generally easier for me to force quit safari and reload it. When I switch to the basic HTML interface my account works perfectly. Also when I sign into my dummy Gmail account with the default interface it works fine. I cleared everything I could find in safari (v4.0.4). I reset safari and my macbook a couple of times. Earlier I was getting "Slow Scipt
    A script on the page "Gmail" (my account name) is making Safari unresponsive. Do you want to continue running the script, or stop it?"
    A bit more info, my Gmail account on my iPhone is working fine.

    Thats my story, please help.

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    Apr 02, 2009
    Also what I (now) suspect is freezing my account is a string of seemingly never ending chat tab strung down the left side of my inbox.

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