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    Sync between iCal/Busycal and Google Calendar
    Okay, so im starting to pull my hair out at this problem.

    From what i can tell Spanning Sync 3 will do the job for me, quite easily, i just cant afford it at the moment and i am looking for a similar app or a workaround.

    Im currently using busycal (but will switch back if i need to, to get this working).

    So what i need to happen is:

    - I am able to view three calendars belonged to friends of mine, on google calendar. I need for those calendars, to be viewable in iCal/busycal

    - I can sync all my schedules to google calendar, by creating a seperate calendar in iCal/Busycal and having that sync. I cant however, seem to get my original calendars (Home, Work, Band etc) to sync with the google calendar, unless i duplicate them to the google specific calendar in my iCal.

    - I need it to be as automated as possible.


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