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    Sep 24, 2009
    Logic express Comparison
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone here could compare some of the features in Garage Band and Logic. I'm currently using Garage Band and would like to upgrade to Logic, hopefully Express!!

    * I find Garage Band has limited drum sounds and would like more midi sounds in general.

    * I need to notate music in a printable form, and believe Logic Express will do this?

    * I would like to be able to change time signatures and key signatures during tracks (which Garage Band won't do)

    Would Logic Express be the one I need as opposed to the full version?

    What more does the full version have to offer that Express doesn't?

    WHat does Express offer that Garage Band doesn't?

    Many thanks!!!

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    This pretty much sums it all up for your questions plus a video... Apple - Logic Express - Garageband to Logic Express
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    Thanks Juke179r, I've seen that page, it has a lot of good info. Although it's unclear how much of that applies to Logic Express and how much to Logic Pro.

    Anyone know for example how many drum sounds there are in Express? In Garage Band they have some very digital sounding ones, leaving only really 2 real acoustic sounding ones. I'd like more choice than 2, but want to be sure Express will give me this.

    In case anyone here has used both Garage Band and Logic Express this is the info I am after between the 2 applications:

    1. The number of midi drum sounds

    2. The number of guitar amp simulators

    3. Whether Express will allow you to notate music in a printable form (also anyone know if you can save this as a PDF?)

    4. Will Express let you change time sigs and key sigs

    5. Will express let you stretch the sounds to improve timing (I've seen that in a video somewhere, but don't know if it applied to Express or Pro)

    I'd be gutted if I paid out for Express to find it' Pro that does what I need it to (which I can't afford anyway).

    Many thanks!!!

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    Just remember if you want more sample loops, software instruments and other such things looking into some of the garage band jam packs are a good idea. They work with logic too.

    For what I remember express was more feathre rich but not very loop/software instrument rich (similar ammount to Garage band). That's what I remember but best ask soemone who actually has both for comparasion.

    And I think Logic Pro comes with all the Jam Packs.

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    Thanks the8thark, I don't use the loops, so not too worried about them. I do need to write notation though, so if Logic Express will do this then I can upgrade instead of buying something like Sibelius.


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    I've just worked out why all the info off the Apple site was confusing!!!

    I'd be reading a page on Logic Express but it would then say something about Logic Pro, so I wasn't sure what I'd be getting if I bought Express.

    Then I found out that Express is Pro! Studio is Pro plus all the other ones such as mainstage too.

    So as far as the program goes I think it will do all the things I need it to, so I have bought it off ebay. Yippeeee, can't wait for it to come. It took me just over a month after switching to Mac to decided to upgrade, I really wasn't expecting that!

    I gather Express does come with more amp simulators, and pedal effects etc which is something else I could use, but no extra midi sounds, but I have a friend who has a rhythm Jam Pack they don't use and will let me have if very cheap off them.

    Hopefully that'll sort me out!!

    Thanks everyone for all your replies

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    Just in case anyone's Logic Express arrived today.

    Wow is it an impressive bit of kit for the price!

    It is however a big step up from Garage Band and I thought the transition would be easier than it is. It's a little frustrating when simple things all of a sudden become complicated and you can't figure them out.

    For me....I think the time spent learning it will be well worth it.

    It does come a fair few extra sounds in it too which I wasn't expecting.

    By the way....anyone any tips on producing guitar tabs? I can't even figure out how to get a tab to show up, it's all in normal musical notation!!!!

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