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    localized string not found?
    what is that?
    when i right click the link in safari, instead if " open link in new window" I get "localized string not found"

    it started to happen after 10.3.9 update.

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    K, if you have another computer that doesn't have this problem:
    Go to System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/Resources/
    You're prolly missing a folder called "English.lproj"
    Drag it from the comp that's fine to the comp that's missing it.

    If you don't have another comp that works:
    Dowload safari 1.2 from Apple
    Use Pacifist to open the package and find the "English.lproj" folder.
    "install" it with pacifist and you're all set

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