Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me! And hope I can explain this right!

My domain email account of which I can access on the internet is set to forward 'anyword@mydomain.co.uk' which is working fine. But my mail application on my mac is not receiving 'anyword@mydomain.co.uk' emails. Just the 'myname@mydomain.co.uk' emails that is set up for that account.

Now I swear this was working a few days ago - unless I am going mad!

I had a look in the help menu and it says:
Adding multiple email addresses to the same account
1.Open Mail and choose Mail > Preferences.
2.Click Accounts.
3.Select an account.
4.Enter all your addresses in the email address field, separated by commas. For example, webmaster@example.org, sales@example.org, support@example.org.
5.Close the Preferences window and click Save in the message that appears.

Which I have done for 'info@mydomain.co.uk' which is what I've used/given out as a contact address. Anyway did this as a test to see if this worked and it didn't!

Whats going on? Is mail not sophisticated enough to handle this?

This is very important to me as this is a business account which I would need to use forwarding for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks