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    iTunes. Unauthorized machine?
    How do I fix this? It doesn't list which ones are not.. And I couldn't seem to find anything by option clicking>get info..
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    um...where the files are stored (the physical mp3s or aacs, generally in the itunes folder in yhour music folder). if you look at them, then you can see which have a little lock on it and which don't. The ones with the lock are the ones you can't access.
    Why? this is generally a message you get when someone has downloaded (*bought) music from itunes and someone else is listening to it. If these are all your legal downloads, then chipper :-), you need to authenticate each one on your computer. If not :-( bad, don't steal music. If it was a communal effort, ask who ever's it is, for their password...but it's also their itunes password, so that may not fly.

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    If you bought the songs on the iTunes music store, then all you need to do is authorize your computer to play the music. Do this by de-authorizing your computer first by clicking Advanced>Deauthorize Computer. . Next, reauthorize by again clicking Advanced>Authorize Computer. Then, enter your information and submit. This should do the trick.

    If the music isn't yours (ie you got it on Limewire or another P2P program) just delete it. You'll never be able to play it no matter how hard you try. Someone else bought it, and your computer isn't authorized to play it, nor will it ever be.
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    Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

    Most of the music is from Limwire and my own CD's. There never used to be an issue until this rescent backup/restore.

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    djlee12... deauthorize, re-authorize worked. Good thinking..


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