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    Safari Bookmarks Confused
    Hey guys, I 've been using safari solely for quite some time after deciding to abandon my beloved opera (only for reasons of cross device bookmark syncing…) and I am having a hard time getting the grip of the bookmarks. Apple's system is ok, but it's a bit quirky, I like the fact that it's not bloated as in say firefox, but it could use some improvements.

    Ok, so here's where I am having a hard time:

    On the left sidebar there are collections and bookmarks. Why can't I click on bookmarks so they appear on the right side category (making them easier to re-arrange) as I can with bookmarks Bar and Bookmarks menu.

    What on earth is the point of having the bookmarks menu and the Bookmarks separate, shouldn't bookmarks appear on the menu for easy access, which the point in having a separate category as Bookmarks besides the Bookmarks menu which doesn't correspond to anything and can only be accessed by clicking the "book icon" on the toolbar…

    As an aside I d like to ask if anyone of you knows any good safari add on /enhancer that will allow me to have icons on bookmark folders, and have the actual bookmarks appear with their signature icon of the left, I know there's glens (sp.?) which is pretty nice but doesn't do this.


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    I don't get your beef. In Show All Bookmarks (which I presume you're talking about) the column on the left is for "Collections," not individual bookmarks. When I click on a collection, all the bookmarks in that collection appear in the right column where they can be organized. All that seems just as it should be.

    I think the "icons" you're talking about are actually website favicons. It's up to the website designer to establish a favicon for the site. It's written into the HTML. My Safari Bookmarks displays favicons for the sites that have them.

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    You can enable tabs and set up your most used ones in Safari/Preferences/Tabs thus;

    Click for full size

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    @Vegas, thanks for the reply, yes favicons are displayed, my bad for being confusing, but I was also talking about icons for folders containing tabs. Well my "beef" so to speak is that you can't select all the bookmarks as a collection and have it appear on the right. Also I am confused as to why not all bookmarks go to bookmarks menu and instead there's a separate bookmarks collection (?, category rather) as well. I am sure they have thought this over much more than I did, but there's increased complexity here with not much practicality.

    What's the use in not keeping something in the menu when to access it is so cumbersome in that you have to go to show all bookmarks and then select it from there, doesn't make much usability sense.

    That confuses me also as to which of all my bookmarks, the menu, the bar, the "bookmarks" will sync via mobile me to my iphone.

    @Colin, hey thanks for that, that is comfortable to use, I ll try to integrate it with the rest of my scheme, seems practical, but like I said I d like to figure out what gets synced and what doesn't so I can have everything synced between macs, iphone via mobileme.

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    In most browsers, all bookmarks show up in the Bookmarks menu.

    Safari lets you save bookmarks that don't show up the menu. It's a good place for those sites that you don't want to lose, but only visit, say, once a month instead of every day and don't want cluttering up your menu.

    If you don't want to use this feature, just delete the other collections, and focus only on the Bookmarks Menu collection. That will work just like every other browser.

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