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    ibank vs moneydance
    i want to purchase an personal finance software but hard to choose between ibank and anyone have use these two application give me an advise?......and what the benefit of these two application?.....thanks

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    I'm also interested in this. Currently using Quicken and really want to get away from it. Can anyone speak to how easy it is to integrate current Quicken files into either program? What about the "direct download"? Would that have to be set up all over again, or will those settings migrate with the data?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've used both. If you are coming from Quicken both will be easy to use since they are based on the same principle.

    Moneydance is open-source which means if you ever swap operating systems (Linux, Windows) you can just move your data file over and it will work with Moneydance for those operation system. But being open source it's doesn't have a Mac GUI look.

    iBank is a Mac application. And it's full of eye candy. It works good also. It has an iPhone app too. I haven't tried the iPhone app though.

    Moneywell is the one I'm using right now. If you are use to Quicken, which I was, it will take a little bit to understand it. It's based on the envelope system (Moenywell calls them buckets). Right now Moneywell doesn't track loans like the others. It doesn't have an iPhone app yet. But that's should be release in a couple of months. You can check out the tutorial videos they have to see how it works.

    All are good applications. If I were you i would just download them and run the trial version. I think they all have demos/trial versions.

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    Nov 29, 2009
    i cant now download the trail for quicken for Mac....can anyone help me ?

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