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Thread: iChat and AIM

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    iChat and AIM
    Can you use the iChat interface with your AIM screenname and buddy list? I'm not yet a Mac user, and I was thinking about how ugly AIM would look on an Apple desktop. Then I saw the Desktop Setup thread and saw that people are using iChat. I was just wondering if when I switch, I'm going to have to make some sort of iChat screenname or something like that. It would be helpful if you could post some screen shots to illustrate this for me. Thank you very much.

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    Yes iChat uses either AIM or .Mac usernames. It now also supports Jabber.
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    yea, open ichat, enter your aim info, it automatically adds your contacts from your aim account, and thats it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb
    Yes iChat uses either AIM or .Mac usernames. It now also supports Jabber.
    Don't forget ICQ!

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    Plus, I think iChat is a much better app then AIM. By about 100 times. It's so much simplier and eaiser to use. Plus, no annoying ads.
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    if you want an alternate, you could also try adium. its really customizable with skins and stuff. i seem to like it. and if you're considering switching i would say YES.

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    Nice thing is AIM has the buddy list on it's own server, as soon as you set up iChat the list is already to go :alien:

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