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    Question Sharing calendar/diary between PC & Mac?
    I use a PC for work and a Mac for home use. I maintain a common diary & address book across all my devices (phone, PDA, PC & Mac), but I've not found an ideal way of sharing it on the Mac.

    At the moment I use ActiveSync to sync the PC and PDA, then use PocketMac to sync the PDA and the Mac. However, I've found that although this worked fine between two PCs, I'm tending to get data traumas when syncing with the Mac - duplicate records, calendar dates slipping (for example, all my birthdays at one point moved by a day...) and sometimes lost records. I recently ended up triple-booked on a business trip because of deleted calendar records.

    Is there a better way to sync up the calendar & address book between the PC and the Mac? Ideally via Wifi or Bluetooth would be nice. I'm using Outlook 2003 on the PC, and Apple Mail and Address Book on the Mac. I don't really want to move to Entourage on the Mac.


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    I am also looking for a solution for this. :batman:

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