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    email password problem
    I have two Earthlink email addresses that I want to migrate from, but between the SL OS upgrade and some maintenance Earthlink was doing on their mail system a few months ago, Apple Mail's ability to recognize passwords and download mail in ONE of my Earthlink boxes has been completely screwed up.

    I'm trying to migrate to new email from Network Solutions, my new ISP. But Mail just will not see or recognize the password, either for the new NetSol test mailbox, or one of my two Earthlink mailboxes. Unfortunately even Earthlink's web-based email has been acting up so for several weeks I was unsure if it was Snow Leopard or Earthlink, and that's still an open question.

    I created a new mailbox with my NetSol account, but Mail won't recognize the password for it. I type it in and get the same prompt box over and over, and the mailbox in Mail has that little lightning bolt icon, I guess meaning it's "offline", though I repeatedly try to put all mailboxes online. It just won't accept the settings.

    I've been going in circles on this until I checked on "Macs Only", where a, well, it's not a solution, more a series of workarounds, is posted at Macs Only!. But I really need to fix this and leave Earthlink behind. As I'm reading more about this it appears the problem is Apple Mail and not the isp's.

    Any suggestions welcome!

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    Umm, an alternative email application? The Ultimate Collection Of MacOSX Email Clients |

    Personally, I like Eudora, but I know of other Mac users who've fallen out with Mail and have gone to Mozilla's Thunderbird, for example.

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    I can't say much from the obvious. Read each mail vendors connection instructions. For instance, perhaps NS requires encrypted passwords and a different port from the standard one.

    I'd also download Thunderbird for testing purposes.

    Do you have Little Snitch or some firewall setting that might be interfering?

    Have you tried to manually log into your POP accounts via the terminal? Sorry, I don't have instructions for that, but it is possible, at least for non-encrypted connections.
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    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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    thanks for your responses. I did have some luck by opening Keychain and deleting the problem accounts, then logging back in. It fixed my Earthlink mailbox but the NetSol mailbox is still buggy. I'll try the same operation a second time and see what happens.

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