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Thread: How to email multiple photos from Iphoto?

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    How to email multiple photos from Iphoto?
    Hi everybody
    i just started to use iphoto. I have many different sizes of photos in my Iphoto as I am in to digital photography. I love the fact that i can resize the photos in Iphoto and email them faster. However I could not manage to do it for multiple photos per 1 email?
    Is there a way to do it?

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    I think you just select the photos by holding down the Command key and clicking on them. Then when all of them are selected, click on the email button the same way as you would to send just one photo. All of them will be resized and added to you email. I don't have iPhoto running on my machine just now as I am using Aperture. But that is how I remember the situation.

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