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    Mail not showing pictures within email
    I had this problem before and after updating to Tiger.

    Basically, I write an email in Mail, then within the email I drag and drop a picture, then continue writing. So the email looks fine to me before sending it.

    I send the email to my friend, using Mail on his pwerbook mac (cc to myslef too) and the email we both receive doesn't show the pictures as part of the text. ie the picture is a link that when you click it the picture opens in an external program, Preview.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I make my pictures stay in the email the way I send them?


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    oh and another thing,

    in Mail, Tiger, clicking on view slideshow shows me blank pictures... everything is black.

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    I don't have Tiger do I can not say anything for sure. Have you checked the your preferences to see if Apple have either added or changes things there?
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    the preferences look the same in tiger and before. Im going to try sending using a different pop account... maybe the problem is there.

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