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    Formatting my MBP, iTunes library save?
    I am formatting my MBP since it is having some issues, but with as much time as I put into my iTunes library making sure everything is named and organized the way I want it to be I am thinking there has to be a way for this wonderful library data to be saved so I won't have to reorganize 40 gigs of music :-0 the when I reinstall iTunes... any help?

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    Simply copy the contents of your iTunes music folder. As long as you plan on keeping the music in the same spot after the format, all the preference files will still be pointing to the same directory.

    Keep in mind that ID3 tags get incorporated into the music files themselves, so the only thing you'll really lose if you start from scratch are the playlists and maybe a few album covers here or there (which you can easily add in again).

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