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    Mail Problem with GMail, not Tiger
    First off I am not using tiger yet.

    I have tried numerous times to get mail to work. I set it up exactly like Gmail says to. Exactly like it tells me too. However I can send mail but not recieve it.

    Any ideas.

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    Desolate One
    You may want to check the settings again, just to be sure. I've set them up exactly as per the instructions on the GMail site and have had no problems... Well every now and then it wont connect, but the problem rectifies itself after a few minutes. There's another thread somewhere here documenting the issue.

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    Anyone else?

    It always says it has problems with the pop server, however I have double checked and triple checked i for inconsistencies.

    Thanks so far.

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    Funny, I have the exact opposite problem. I've checked it over many times and done everything perfecty. I can get all my mail in my gmail account up and running, but I can't send anything.

    Maybe we should compare notes.

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    Good plan, I set up entourage and it works fine, its just mail. And **** it I want to use mail!

    Between this problem and my broken preview proble (it opens then stops responding) should I just reinstall?

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    perhaps, because I had zero issues with mail and gmail
    Kevin, Spokane Washington USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icicle
    perhaps, because I had zero issues with mail and gmail
    did you allow pop3 on your gmail account, go to setting -> forwarding and pop [tab]. you'll see configuration about pop3 over there

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    Yes, I allowed pop and saved changes.

    Any other ideas guys, I will try anything (except that you sicko)

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