Anyone from Aspyr out there?

Why don't you release Tiberian Sun for the Mac. Its older than C&C Generals but still has a lot of interest in the PC world on EA's online servers. I still play it! I have to use a 1ghz Sony Vaio with horrible Windows to play it and would much rather use the PowerBook.

And if you guys do release it, Make it so you can create a random map and make it so you can play PC owners over the internet! I think these things were missing in the Mac version of C&C generals.

I guess if Aspyr had put in PC/Mac networking on C&C Generals the PCs would have slowed the connection down but Tiberian Sun, being old, would connect faster across the platforms.

Also, could anyone in this forum who would also like to see Tiberian Sun on the Mac post a reply, and if there's enough interest I couldl email the contents of the thread to Aspyr... :biohazard