Hello All,

I have a problem with this users' Entourage archives (Folders on this Computer) After a few problems getting the Identity to work, now there is no email in the "Folders on my computer" area.

I am unable to switch to any other identity. Entourage continuously gives the error that the database is not compatible with this version of Entourage and asks you to rebuild. I have rebuilt and it tells me it has rebuilt successfully, but then when I try to open it, I again get the error. I finally had to recreate the account from scratch again to get mail working with Exchange by creating a completely new Identity. Then I tried importing the most recent Identity which completed successfully, but did not put folders/emails in the "On My Computer" (her archives)

Anyone know of a fix, or if there is some third-party tool which can extract data from the Identity database files, or somehow access what is inside Identities?

Any help much appreciated!