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    WIndows word document to Desktop Mac
    Hi. I have an old but great Toshiba PC Laptop which I rarely use anymore and I expect to buy an Apple laptop soon. The laptop has both a floppy disk and one for some kind of CD and an ethernet connection. I cannot connect it to the internet unless there is a trial with aol and I can E-mail it to my E-mail address (just thought of that).

    There is ONE document that I would like to save to some kind of disk so that I can transfer it to my iMac. I managed to transfer it to a "floppy disk" but I would have no means to read it on my desktop as it has no floppy disk drive. Is there some kind of disk or CD that I can put in the drive that I can transfer this word document to, and then insert it into my desktop so I can get it on this computer?

    Or, can someone transfer the document from a floppy to a CD? I can hold onto it on the floppy disk, but it's useless if I can't read it.

    Thanks very much!

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    Unless I'm not understanding the questions right, I had no problem transferring my PC documents (word), music, firefox and thunderbird things to my mac. Granted I had Tiger at the time and things did get complicated later but I don't think the option is blocked. I used a 'plain' (not a crossover which many were saying is necessary, it's not with a mac) ethernet cable and found my pc (I'm not sure where the instructs are but they can be found easily on the net). Just make sure that you turn the firewall off on the PC or I'm not sure but you may be able to just allow it with in the PC firewall settings. On the mac I believe you need to enable Network and Sharing. Once you find your PC in finder you can search it as you would the mac.. As for using an external that is formatted for PC, there are many options that allow it, many are free and I think one of them you can find on the apple site (then I'd google it and you'll probably find reviews)

    Good Luck

    oh and no internet is necessary for the transfer, it is PC to Mac connect..
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