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    App to suck info out of website?
    Hi there,

    Does anyone know of an application that can 'suck' all the data out of a web site so it can be used offline at a later date? There's a site with hundreds of articles on that I'd like to be able to store as an off-line library. All the articles are separate links (not downloadable pdfs) and, as I said, there are literaly hundreds of them.

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    the easiest way is to use a great browser called firefox, in firefox, control+click or right click the page>save page as, in the options, make sure it says web page, complete. this gives you any and all audio, video, images, etc.

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    Thanks for that.

    The problem is I'd need to save hundred of pages manually that way as there may be 50+ articles on each contents page (of which there are many). Do you know of a way to automatically save each of these linked articles as well (basically, the whole site)?

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    If you have tiger.. try automator. I hear that it should be able to do that. Or use sitesucker.. that really works well for me. You can find it on

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