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Thread: Divx problem in Google Chrome

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    Nov 27, 2009
    Divx problem in Google Chrome
    Hello everyone. I searched all over the internet and I can't find any posts in any forums about this really. I think it is because not a lot of mac users have gone with chrome yet. It's running great so far, the only thing is I can't get divx movies to play! I went to the divx site and installed divx 7. Chrome told me I still didn't have it installed. I installed the Divx Web Player next and the same thing, chrome says it still isn't installed. I look at the plugins by entering "about: plugins" into the web address bar and divx is nowhere on the list.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem, and if it is just an issue of Chrome still being new and divx not being accounted for yet or if it is something I am not doing right.


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    Dec 10, 2009
    Yeh, i have encountered the same problem. Anyone any solutions?

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    It's beta man...

    I've noticed that Chrome opens another invisible window when I active Expose. There's no window there but if you move the pointer over where it should be you can see the blue outline. Anyone else experience this?

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    A good place for this question would probably be in the Google Chrome forums.
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