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Thread: best email, best browser, best word processor, best multimedia

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    best email, best browser, best word processor, best multimedia
    What are your opinions?

    I currently use firefox as a browser. (can't decide between firefox and safari)
    Mail for email program
    appleworks for word processor
    and quicktime, mplayer, windows mediaplayer, and vlc. 9i wish there was one program which i could use instead of all these)

    What do you guys use? I'm trying to find out whats the best as i am still a novice mac user.

    Oh, why can't I print selected text from a website?

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    I use FF and safari, can't make a choice either, I love mail textedit for very little word processing I ever do, as far as printing selected text, just copy and paste to textedit and print.

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    With the 10.3.9 Update and Safari 1.3, Safari has improved in speed to the point where I use it most of the time now when on my Macs. I only use FF or Camino if there is a rare page that does not display correctly in Safari. They say that Safari 2.0 in Tiger is even better.

    Appleworks is a fine program as long as you do not have to share your documents with Microsoft Office users. If they are for your own use and printing, Appleworks is ok. If you need compatibility with Office, and just need a Word Processor and Power Point type program, IWork for OSX is very nice. If you want a free program that does it all and is very comp with Office, NeoOffice is nice. You can also buy Office for OSX but that is a fair amount of $$$. If you do not need Excel, give Iwork a try, but if you do not need to share your work with Office, Appleworks should keep serving you well.

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