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    Question Movie Stills
    Good evening chappies,

    yesterday I discussed a chapter of my research with my supervisor and he strongly suggested that I take stills from movies. He told me that PowerDVD for example has an option that lets you take the snapshopt and then lets you save it as a .jpg or .bmp. But I am on Mac, or better, I'd much rather use my Mac than going near my PCs, however, I don't know how to do this. Do you know? I am on Panther by the way.



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    You can always pause the film then hit shift+command+3. That'll change your your cursor to crosshairs. You can click and drag an area on your desktop to snap an image. It'll save as a .pdf to the desktop, open it and you can export as a .jpg.
    Easy peasy.

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    One of the above should help you. I believe if you do the normal screen capture, you wouldn't get whats on the DVD screen.
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    We have a thread already for this

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