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    iChat Crashing/Not Working Properly
    I got my Mac OS X for christmas of 2007. It works perfectly, and I have kept it in perfect condition, except for one thing. My iChat has never worked since I bought it.

    To describe the problem simply, one of the three following problems occur. The first problem is, iChat upon signing on a screename, will sign on and off rapidly until it hits the limit of how many times a screename can be signed on in a certain period of time. If iChat does manage to connect/sign on to a screename however, (happens very rarely), the second problem than occurs. iChat will not load any buddies on my buddy list, and it says they are all offline, when I know they all aren't. After a few minutes of just sitting like this, (with no buddies connected), ichat will than crash and exit itself. However, if ichat does manage to bypass problems one and two, (happens very very rarely), the third problem than occurs. When signed on, with my buddies loaded, I try to Instant Message someone, and it gives me an error message saying that I need to have a buddy selected, and than will crash, in the same fashion as the second problem.

    I have tried so many times to figure out what is wrong with my iChat. I have brought it to the Mac Store, and the genius bar kept it for a week, and came back saying they didn't know what was wrong with it, and just reinstalled iChat. As soon as I got home, and tried to use iChat, the same problems occurred again. On my own, I have spent many hours on the internet, and have researched many forums. Some of the things they told me to do, was to change the port on iChat to 443, or to reinstall iChat from the install disk, both of which I have done many times, and neither have worked. I have tried signing on with multiple screenames, and even changed my wireless router, thinking that was the problem, but it wasn't.

    Oddly enough however, if my iChat does bypass problems one and two, (as stated above), I appear online to other people, even if my buddies aren't loaded, and they can video chat me, and I can recieve and accept there video chat invitation. If they try to instant message me however, my iChat will freeze, and than crash as always.

    I really don't know what to do, and I have put off really caring for the last two years, becuase I have just been using to instant message. But it is becoming very frustrating as I am going to college next year and I want it to work. Please help me figure this out. I have tried everything on my own, but I really need help.

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    Not sure of the answer but here is what i would try - drag all files in folders in top red box to desktop and then in Prefs drag all those to desktop. Have a look at this video for a free registration here and use that when u run iChat (hopefully) for first attempt. There will be no buddies u can add them later, but just see if it loads OK first.

    Click for full size

    When it comes to adding buddies click + in buddy list bottom corner then clicking blue square takes you to your address book to click on and add buddy - see here; Of course you will have had to add the buddies AIM handle to your address book first.

    Click for full size

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