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    Can anybody recommend a good video capture package compatible with mac. I have had a good look on line but there are loads of different one.

    I have a Sharp camcorder with s-video output and a DV output.

    All advise very welcome.


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    The built in iMove is pretty good - and free.

    Have you tried that?

    Not sure if your Mac has a DV input though. Are you sure you Sharp is DV output and not firewire?

    Do Macs still have firewire? Or is everything USB now?

    My MacBook Pro has a firewire port and connects directly to my Sony Digital-8 camcorder; it has complete control of the camcorder functions and downloads the digital video through the firewire port.

    My camcorder also has a USB port, but the video download through the USB isn't as good as the firewire. And the Mac can't control the camcorder functions through the USB port.

    Otherwise: Final Cut Pro is your best bet - it is expensive, but it's what the Pros use.

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    Dug the instructions out for my camera and it says to use a IEEE 1394 wire. I have had a look on line and there are various types. It looks like i need a 4 pin for my camera but not sure what i need at the MPB end?

    Can anyone assist.


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    Hey there, Sparky.....

    I may be able to help out a bit, if you haven't already sorted things out. All you need is a cable to connect your camera to your mac, then, I believe, you should utilize iMovie, (which you should have already), to capture/import your video. From within iMovie, your camera will probably be recognized automatically once it is turned on. You can even control your camera's operations from within iMovie's control, i.e.: play, fastforward, rewind, etc.... Once it's connected, and turned on, you no longer should need to do anything from the camera. The cable you mention, the "IEEE 1394", is synonymous with "firewire". About that necessary cable, you are correct, on the camera end it should be a mini (4-pin) (firewire 400) connector. On the computer end, (if your "MPB" is a Powerbook), you need a firewire 400 (6-pin) connector. If by chance, I am misinterpreting your mac's abbreviation, "MPB", and you have a Macbook Pro, I believe, you would have no firewire 400 port, but a firewire 800 (9-pin) port only (Powerbook has one of these too) for which you would then need the same cable mentioned above, but also a 6-pin to 9-pin adapter...or...a different cable...a firewire 400 mini (4-pin) to a firewire 800 (9-pin) cable. Check out these links for descriptions: Belkin 4-Pin to 6-Pin FireWire Cable (6 Ft./1.83 m) - Apple Store (U.S.), Belkin 9-Pin to 4-Pin Cable (FireWire 800/400), 6 Feet - Apple Store (U.S.), Sonnet FireWire 800 to 400 Adapter $12.77 | 1-800-525-3888. I hope this helps! good luck!

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