Hi guys,

I recently got a new Mac Book Pro a week ago after years of using Windows/Linux.

For part of my work for my degree I have to install a program called Simspark Installation on Mac OS X - Simspark. I have installed it before on Ubuntu but never on OS X.

The instructions on the link above is fairly old and I am looking to install Simspark on my MBP and at the same time writing a much better walk-through for the wiki with screen shots etc. Since I am looking for help and advice/help on this topic will be greatly appreciated and your contribution will be noted on the wiki too.

For me the walk-through isn't very clear. I have downloaded and installed SDL but am confused on the "Set some environment variables for configure" section, do I have to download these or are they already on OS X? The "configure, make, make install" section isn't very clear either.

I've installed this on linux before with no problems, but these instructions are just confusing. Any tips for installing software/packages on OS X?

Once again thanks for any help.