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    Keynote fonts suddenly have no character space
    I've just imported various files into my new MacBook Pro from my iBook including a Keynote presentation which had worked perfectly on my iBook using iWork 09.

    It was also working perfectly on the new Macbook Pro until I had to do a reinstall (slow Snow Leopard).

    Microsoft Word Office 08 for Mac was very slow so I disabled unused fonts by dragging them into Library/Fonts disabled from Library/Fonts. This sped up Word and it now works brilliantly. (Libray/Fonts contains an entire Microsoft folder with its fonts but no Braganza)

    But ...

    My favourite Braganza font shows up on my Keynote presentation but as piled on top of itself. I tried altering character space in Inspector from 0% right up to over 100% and many points in between but no difference shows up. And yet the character spacing does a difference to the other fonts when I experimented in the same Text box in the same slide, so I know it's working.

    The copy I made in Powerpoint still works with the Braganza showing up as it should be.

    The Keynote character space fault also happens with Frutiger. But both of these fonts are still on Fonts Book app. They are also in Library/Fonts and in Documents/A-Z Fonts folder as they always have been.

    Have I done something to bust them? Why have they stopped working in Keynote?

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    Same problem. Workaround found.
    I have the same issue with Frutiger LT Std. It was working fine and then suddenly started showing the same symptoms of no spaces. Additionally, when typing a character, it results in a completely different character than expected. This only happens when I activate the font using Suitcase Fusion (13.2.2).

    The workaround to this is to place the font in your user folder's font folder (~/Library/Fonts). This is not ideal, but it works for now.

    This leads me to suspect Suitcase, so I deleted all caches and plist files, and rebuilt the vault, with no success. Anyone got a permanent fix?

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