I'm having difficulty importing HDV footage from a Sony Z1 onto FCP.

I am using FCP 7.0 on a 27" iMac OS 10.6.1

I'm attempting to capture HDV footage from a Z1 connected by a firewire cable.

I seem to be doing everything correctly; in 'Easy Setup' I've set 'Format' to HDV and 'Use' to HDV 1080i 50.

When I hit Apple+8 to capture the footage FCP connects to the Deck.. I can forward, rewind, play and stop, however I cannot see the footage. Similarily I can't see the footage when I hit 'Capture Now', althought the footage plays normally on the camera monitor. After a few seconds a dialogue box appears saying 'Cannot detect data from device'.

I haven't captured footage on this machine before, and I has to buy a new firewire cable for it, as the older one doesn't fit.. The cable is a tachlink WIRES IEEE 1394B to 1394B Firewire 800 9 pin to Firewire 4 pin

If any one has any ideas I'd be much obliged for any help or advice, cos I am stumped!!