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Thread: has anyone used/tried ClamXav?

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    Mar 08, 2009
    has anyone used/tried ClamXav?
    Hi all

    Have any one tried/used the ClamXav?

    As a virus program, is it good? I am seeking around for a good anti virus for my mac.

    Thanks for looking all

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    Seriously, you really don't have to download any anti-virus programs for your Mac unless you downloaded a lot of pirated softwares. Most anti-virus programs that I have heard of on the Mac platform slows down the system tremendously. I have heard of ClamXav before, and I have tried using it. I've never actually found anything on my Mac before.

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    Mar 08, 2009

    Thank you for the reply. I "just" use my mac`s for all things on the web, never done any down loading of pirated things, and guess I never will....

    So, I don`t need a anti virus program at all? What about all the junk mail, and mails with virus attached to them?
    No need to worry on a mac(?)

    Thanks for helping

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    Best to have a look at the forum's FAQ
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    Hi and thanks for the help/links

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    I use ClamXav, which the above CNET article says seems like the best one to use...if you're going to use one.

    I have the ClamXav Sentry set up to check anything going into my Downloads folder (where I also unzip or de-rar files) and my p2p Completed folder.

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    The main reason to have antivirus software on a Mac is to catch any Windows viruses that you don't want passing on to others, via email for example. However, I wouldn't want to waste system resources on my end to protect other computers. If the recipient doesn't have antivirus, that's not my problem.

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    Thanks for helping me all

    Have a good day

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    One day, a virus will be developed for Macs. It will catch most of the Mac community off guard, and cause much angst. I used Virex for years, as it turns out, for absolutely no reason at all. I'm going bare now, but I wonder if I should download ClamXav and start using it for no good reason as well. At least I'll be prepared for One Day.

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