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    Duplicating Cracked DVD?
    Hello everybody,

    This morning, my sister messaged me over Skype and asked me for help regarding a cracked DVD of hers that she bought from Japan. It is some limited edition DVD that she bought, so she'd really like to recover the contents of the DVD and then duplicate it on a blank DVD.

    The DVD has a crack in the middle near the plastic ring, about half a centimeter in length, and she is really nervous about running it in a drive, because I told her about the possibilities of it cracking further, and then being stuck in the drive. The only computer capable of burning a DVD in the house is my iMac, but I am currently not in the country to figure out how to do it. I tried to create a new disk image and then burning it from Disk Utility, but there seems to be some kind of copyright protection on the DVD, and I think it said something about me not having the permission to do what I was doing. I couldn't create a disk image, and now we are stuck.

    Anyway, I am wondering if there is a way to safely extract the contents of the DVD (hopefully with the menus and everything) and then burning it onto another DVD. Also, it has to bypass the copyright stuff, if possible. I don't suppose this topic is off limits, since my sister did buy it herself, right?

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    Probably not going to get any help here because it is a copyrighted disk and has copyright protection on it.
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    I'm betting that this conversation IS off limits, considering how a person might say just about anything in order to get information on how to rip and burn a copy written DVD. So before this thread is closed, I'll just say one thing:


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    Alright, I will go back to square one.

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