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    Unhappy printing excel workbooks
    I've used PC-based Excel for years and can print those workbooks on my Mac just fine. When trying to print several pages (tabs) of newly created Mac-based Excel within a workbook, only the last page prints. Example: after choosing all 4 pages (w/ auto pagination) and printing...only page 4 of 4 prints out. Similar results if 2 pages selected...only page 2 of 2 prints out.

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    After you choose File → Print in Excel, click the disclosure button (with a triangle in it) to reveal more print options and make sure Pages: is set to All. Also ensure that the Print What: option is what you want.

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    I'm assuming you are already selecting "All" when printing. Just curious though; under Paper Handling, is Pages to Print set to All Pages? As the other options are even or odd only, I doubt that's the solution. The question is whether it's only an Excel thing, or does it cross over to other applications as well, in which case it could be a printer thing. What, I don't know, but try to eliminate something.

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    I had the same problem and found that somehow the default paper size had been set to "Letter Banner". To fix, go to Page Setup, to the "Page" tab and click "Options". Make sure the correct paper size is selected. After you select "US Letter", go up to "Settings/Page Attributes" drop down menu and click "Save as Default" to fix the problem for future files.

    Hope this helps.

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    THANK YOU slschramm!!! Your 11-24-09 post is the exact solution to my specific Excel printing problem posted on 11-18-09. If I only would have posted my problem prior to spending so many hours not fixing my problem. I love my Macs (once I work through my MS software issues)!!!

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