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    Terminal Help
    I have yahoo email, and have been trying to find a way to get POP access (they only offer it to premium members). I found one site that is supposed to let me do it, I downloaded their files, but I can't make any sense of how to install them, please help. Can someone please explain to me what I'm supposed to do to install the files. Thanks!


    Where to place these files

    use terminal to place ypops and ypops.bin to /usr/local/bin
    (since Finder cannot access to that directory.)
    * launch in the /Applications/Utilities
    * cd [path to this un-zipped folder]
    (you can drag the folder's icon into the terminal window to get the path)
    (so it looks like cd /Users/JohnDoe/Documents/download/yahoopops_mac)
    * sudo chmod u+x ypops
    * sudo chmod u+x ypops.bin
    * sudo cp ypops /usr/local/bin/
    * sudo cp ypops.bin /usr/local/bin/

    use terminal or Finder to place ypopsrc to your home directory
    * cp ypopsrc ~/

    Use TextEdit (or SubEthaEdit, recommended) to edit the content of ypopsrc in your home directory to match your configuration (in particular, if you have proxy server to handle external connection...). Otherwise, the setting in the ypopsrc should be OK for most users:
    * it will flag those fetched mails as 'read' in yahoo;
    * it will empty the trash folder each time it visit yahoo;
    * it will fetch 10 mails in each visit. (it seems that yahoo will lock the mail account temporarily if it sees the large amount of mail download activity in a short interval of time. So, don't set this number too large. Also, large number for this setting may make yahoopops delay the response back to, which will think the localhost mail server (yahoopops) is defunct.)

    If you need to change some settings in ypopsrc when ypops is running, you need to re-launch ypops to make those change effective. So, the following command is to terminate ypops:
    * type 'ps' in terminal (without quote)
    * see and write down PID of ypops.bin (process ID)
    * type 'kill nnn' in terminal (without quote; nnn is the PID you just wrote down)

    How to use it
    For the first time, manually launch it by typing the following into your terminal window:

    In your mail client (e.g., Apple's, do the following setup:
    * add a new account from menu: Mail: Preferences, account
    * Account Type: POP
    * Description: my YahooPOPs (or your favorite)
    * E-mail address:
    * Full Name: Your Name
    * Incoming Mail server: localhost
    * User Name: your_login_name_in_yahoo
    * Password: your_password_in_yahoo
    * Outgoing Mail server: (use your present ISP's setting)
    (I don't think this compiled program can send mail via yahoo, and I don't know how to configure Mac OS X's mail server function for this.)
    * In advanced setting: do not check SSL, but the port number need to be set to 5058, as configured in ypopsrc.
    * also, due to yahoo's recent change in user interface, the present version (0.6) of yahoopops cannot delete any mail. So, instruct not to delete read mails (that is, leave the mails on the server forever). This apparently requires us to constantly visit yahoo web site to manually clean the mail box. Yet, it will avoid duplicate download of mails by yahoopops program. (you see, if is set to delete the mails after fetching them, yahoopops relays the deletion instruction and thinks those mails are deleted. So, next time when checking mails, yahoopops will encounter them and result in duplicate mails in your mail box.)

    If you successfully fetch mails, you may want to have ypops running automatically. (that is, to avoid typing /usr/local/bin/ypops in terminal every time you turn on your computer)
    add the command (either after the last line, or after the first line) in this file:
    This file is analogy of Startup item folder for unix stuff.

    Known problem(s)
    * it will dump the following message to terminal window:
    Socket closed.Error = Operation now in progress Retval = 0
    whenever it finish fetching/checking mails. It seems no harm, because it does not crash and continues to work.
    * It does not have the necessary fix to work with the recent change of yahoo mail interface. As a result, it is not able to delete mails in yahoo mail. The work around: don't let your (or other mail client) delete fetched mail on server. Set to leave mails on the server forever. It is you who have to visit yahoo mail web site to manually delete mails.

    How is it compiled
    This binary is compiled using Apple's gcc 3.3, in Mac OS X 10.3.5 environment, with additional packages downloaded by fink. The additional packages are openssl, curl, and libxml (see the beginning comment segment in ypcompile with a text editor.) Although Mac OS X unix core has those, yahoopops requires newer version than Mac OS X can provide. The compilation is achieved by modified ypcompile shell script (included in this zip), to work-around the different file tree structure than yahoopops developer group expects. I don't know if the compiled binary file requires any run-time library. If so, it may not run on your computer at all. After all, I am not a unix guru.

    The shell script file ypops was generated automatically during the compilation process. However, I modify its content to make ypops.bin run in the background.

    What if the program won't run
    It runs fine on my Mac, so I don't know what to do with your problem(s). Please post your question / problem at ypops / Mac forum and see if others can help.

    Q3Q2003 at yahoo dot com
    Oct 20, 2004

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    Seeing that this is a way to defraud a paid service, I would rather not be a part of it. :closed:
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