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    Impressive Java 6 JOGL/Java2D effects not supported by Mac?
    Java has matured in terms of UI presentation.
    search project Aerith for examples on some of the neat things that can be done when mixing JOGL, Swing and Java2d.

    However, it seems these only work on windows. Mac is still strangely alienated from the Java revolution, cuz Steve still insists that his boys be the ones to create their own JVM perhaps? These UI improvements have been around since 2006 and here we are now in 2009, with "Java for Mac (java 6)" not having JOGL/Java2D interoperability support.

    Has anyone tried playing around with JOGL on OSX? Did you try running the XTrans demo on the JOGL site? Did it work for you?

    Even trying to compile the source code for the Xtrans demo gives me this:

    Error: XTDesktopPane requires new Java2D/JOGL support in Java SE 6


    Not even -Dsun.java2d.opengl=True fixes it.
    So its just not supported. Here's the exception I get when I get rid of the Java2D.isOGLPipelineActive() if-block that gave the previous manual error: Java2D OpenGL pipeline not active (or necessary support not present)

    That command (-Dsun.java2d.opengl=True) was supposed to activate the opengl java2d pipeline, but nothing still the same thing, so I guess I'm forced to go with the "or necessary support not present" part.


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    Quote Originally Posted by technologist View Post
    I most likely wasn't clear enough hence you missing the point.
    I'm not refering to JOGL not working on the Mac or that I can't find the JOGL binaries to download (Used it alot already). I'm referring to the "Java2D/JOGL interoperability" feature present in the Sun JDK 6. It's a pipeline that brings Java2D and JOGL(jsr-231) together almost seamlessly for much-needed increased performance when mixing 2D and 3D in Java.

    This feature, that has apparantly been part of Sun's JDK 6 ( aka Mustang) for more than 2 years now, seems to be missing in Apple's rendition of JDK 6 (Java for Mac, as it is called).

    I basically just hope to be proven wrong as this is something I really need established on the Mac so I can carry on skipping down the happy path of Cross-platform 3D GUI integrations with Java.

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