I have read numerous walkthroughs on how to install iMovie 08 or 09 on a iBook G4. I have done the whole HexEdit and everything and i cannot get it to work. I will explain the problems I run into when using HexEdit.

I open it up and start editing the file
1. When I put in the offsets that I am given on numerous websites such as:

Run iMovie '09 on a PowerPC G4 - Software
Run iMovie '09 on a PowerPC G4 - Mac OS X Hints

the offsets I put in don't come up and they don't match up with what I'm given. I have been slaving over this computer for 4 hours now and i have no luck. At this point I would appreciate any help at all. If your not familiar with this particular thing but might have an idea of how to help it would be greatly appreciated.