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    Aug 22, 2009
    Saving e mail bill confirmations
    When I receive an email confirmation of a paid bill to my folder all the headings are the same so it automatically deletes the previous bill saved. This defeats the purpose of saving my bill receipts! Any help on how to resolve this
    problem will be greatly appreciated

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    Are you using Apple Mail or what? We need more info...

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    Aug 22, 2009
    I'm using my earthlink mailbox and trying to save to my documents

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    Have you looked in to saving the emails to your "Web Receipts Folder""

    To do that you "Print" the email receipt, when the print dialogue comes up click on the "PDF" drop down button and select "Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder"

    The Web Receipts folder is in you Documents folder.

    Works slick and it's how I save all my receipts and invoices.

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    Open a new folder in your Home folder under say Documents and name it whatever you wish. Simply drag the email attachment to the file and presto there it will be until you clear it out.

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    Save As and add the date to the file name.
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