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    Usefull application (ifreemem)
    Since I installed Snow Leopard I noticed that all my RAM would get wired the longer I had swtched on my computer.

    I found an app which releases system memory. Thought I should share it with you guys:

    Apple - Downloads - System/Disk Utilities - iFreeMem

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    You probably don't want to use this.

    Your system is using memory for a reason: to make things faster. The computer notices certain libraries and frameworks that are frequently used, and keeps them in memory so that they are ready. Deliberately dumping these out of memory will only make your system slower.

    Your specs say you have 8GB of memory in your system. Why did you pay for all that memory if you wanted it to stay empty all the time?

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    I downloaded this app and then wondered what the 4 types of memory are. So a quick Google and I found this:

    Bits about Bytes: Is my Mac using too much memory???

    which explains them pretty well.

    Then I got to wondering what iFreeMem does to free up memory. It seems if it frees up inactive memory it could slow at least one thing: restarting an app that you recently used.

    Maybe this is what the 2nd poster was saying.

    I don't plan to let iFreeMem mess with my memory but it is a nice little toolbar icon.
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    A couple of interesting (to me!) things about iFreeMem:

    1. It reports a total memory of 1.75 GB on a machine with 2 GB installed. Not sure why.

    2. As I said before it is quite informative as a reporting tool without letting it manage your memory.

    3. If you use it only as a reporting tool, the trial period doesn't decrement until you restart the machine and have to restart iFreeMem. I suspect this also happens if you let it manage your memory but can't be sure.

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